"An amazing visual interpretation of a strong political statement, be prepared for a twist on your average music video…" (BBC Music Video Festival) http://bbcmusicvideofestival.tumblr.com/post/64944921260/emily-danger-shed-my-skin-director-john

"...one of the most dramatic and striking visual performances I have ever come across.  Like experiencing Stockholm Syndrome, it’s a little uncomfortable at first.  But as seconds took me further... I become strangely attached to what made me feel uncomfortable. It drew me in so deeply that by the end I wanted it to keep hold of me…a compulsion to watch and listen more."  (Indie Dunes, 2013)



"Weekly Roundup" feature, Those Who Dig, 2013:  "Shed My Skin",  http://thosewhodig.net/tag/emily-danger/

Music Review Unsigned TV, 2013, "Shed My Skin",  http://musicreviewunsigned.com/2013/03/05/emily-danger-shed-my-skin/